OEM Reclaimed HP Chromebook 11 G3, G4 U.S. Keyboard Key Set [Blue Ring Mount]

Quality Assurance:
Tested / Inspected
OEM / Original
If Backordered, Lead Time:
5 - 10 Business Days


  • This is a KEY SET, not a keyboard, for the HP Chromebook 11" G3 and/or G4. This key set contains every key normally found on the U.S. keyboard. If you've got broken, damaged or otherwise unusable keys, you can use this key set to replace any individual keys you may need. Please also be sure you are purchasing the correct keys for the correct HP Chromebook. The easiest way to tell if these keys are compatible with your particular G3/G4 is to look at your device and see if the part number on the keyboard flex starts with "2B-A8801Q..." If it does, then these keys will work on that device. Otherwise, you may be looking for our other key set instead.

Please note:

  • TL;DR, We offer key sets that are functional, but still attached to palm rests.
  • As many key sets are not normally sold, we elected to offer them as a reclaimed product. This means any of the key sets we offer are perfectly functional, though still attached to the normal keyboard that we would normally fail due to our high quality standards. So you may receive your key set still attached to the palm rest, but we can assure you it's quite simple to remove the keys you need.
  • Also, the important difference between this key set, and Key Set 1 are the way they are mounted onto the keyboard itself. These keys use a very distinct and different latch system. So before you purchase, please make sure these are the ones you need by checking your device's keys and comparing them to our picture to make sure they are indeed the same.

Compatible with:

  • HP Chromebook 11" G3 J4U5xxxx, K1T2xxxx, K1T3xxxx, K3B6xxxx, K4J8xxxx, K4K0xxxx, K4M6xxxx, K7C3xxxx, K7V5xxxx
  • HP Chromebook 11" G4 H0Y7xxxx, N6R2xxxx, N6R3xxxx, P0B7xxxx, P1B3xxxx, T6D8xxxx, P5R4xxxx, T6Qyxxxx, T6R2xxxx, V2W2xxxx, V2W3xxxx, V5E7xxxx, V8M6xxxx


  • Alphanumeric, Function, Power, Arrow Keys. (Basically all the keys)