Repair Shops

If you're a shop looking to repair LG devices, you'll be happy to know we are one of only two authroized distributors of LG parts! So check out our extensive catalog of LG parts to get the absolute best OEM LG replacement and repair parts!

We also offer an expansive selection of Chromebook parts for those repair shops looking to service those types of repairs or those with contracts for their local schools.

We know the repair industry like the back of our hands. We understand the headache of trying to buy wireless repair parts online and having to wait six weeks before you receive your part only to find out the part doesn't even work. Here at Global Direct Parts, we want to remove those headaches by offering faster shipping from our office and warehouse located in San Antonio, TX. Our parts are consistently of higher quality than the competition and when you call or chat us for help in purchasing or searching you get a real person that knows the parts you're looking for. We don't just read from scripts or give you "canned" responses, we treat and service our customers with integrity and respect; like real people.

If you're a repair shop, in the business of repair, or looking to purchase parts wholesale, then you'll want to register with us as a business member. Our customers that register as a business member (meaning someone that works for the repair industry and not someone just looking to fix his or her personal device) get to enjoy benefits such as special pricing and discounts, longer warranty periods, and access to our entire catalog of over 4,000 products to name just a few. Whether you need mobile devices such as LG phones, watches and tablets, or education devices like HP, Lenovo, Dell or Acer Chromebooks, we can supply your shop with the parts you need to make your repairs much easier.

Applying for a business membership is FREE, quick, easy and there are absolutely no strings attached. First, register for an account using the following link: Register an account

Once you've registered an account, you can either chat or call us (210-437-2000) to let us know you're an actual business. After that we'll upgrade your account to "Business" status and you can begin enjoying your benefits. If you don't feel like chatting or calling, you can always complete the brief application below to begin the approval process.

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