OEM LG USB Type-C Fast Charge Wall Charger Adapter [3.0A] [EAY65749201]

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Quality Assurance:
Tested / Inspected
OEM / Original
Brand New
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12 - 18 Days

Compatible with:

  • Any LG device that uses USB charging.


  • This Type-C Fast Charge wall adapter has a USB Type-C port. The Type-C port is different than the older Type-A port and provides better charging capabilities. The Type-C port is the small, oval-shaped hole that can be found on this wall adapter as well as many of the newest electronic devices including the LG V60, LG G8 and a huge range of other devices. The older Type-A port is a large rectangular port. Having a Type-C USB port on this wall adapter means that you will need to use a Type-C charging cable, which has the small, oval-shaped connector at both ends to plug in. You can find that charging cable here.

Please note:

  • This Fast Charge wall charger will work best with LG devices that support "Fast Charging" and will also work on any other LG device without Fast Charge capabilities, but won't charge them any faster than they are capable.

Part number:

  • EAY65749201