OEM HP Chromebook 14 G3, G4 LCD Cover [A-Side] - Black [788505-001]

Quality Assurance:
Tested / Inspected
OEM / Original
New / Like New
Identifying Color:
If Backordered, Lead Time:
8 - 14 Business Days

Compatible with:

  • HP Chromebook 14 G3 K3X0xxxx,K4K1xxxx, K4K2xxxx, K4K7xxxx, K4K8xxxx, K4M1xxxx, K5F8xxxx, K7C2xxxx, K7J1xxxx, K7V5xxxx
  • HP Chromebook 14" G4 H0Y7xxx, P5R3xxx, P5T6xxxx, T0U6xxxx, T4M3xxxx, T6D7xxxx, T8V8xxxx, V3F0xxxx, V6E5xxxx, W2P1xxxx, X4K7xxxx, X6W3xxxx

Part number:

  • 788505-001
  • 834905-001

Please note:

  • Though this A-Side housing is listed as compatible with the HP Chromebook 14" G3 and G4, there is a very subtle difference between the two. And that is that the color finish of the G4 is a slightly lighter black than the G3. This in no way affects the fit or functionality of the part, just noting that this is a minor color difference between the two. Furthermore, the words "Hewlett-Packard" is found on the bottom of the G3, but not on the G4. Again, this also does not affect the fit or functionality of the part, just worth noting.