9H Arching Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG Google Nexus 5

Hardness Rating:
Identifying Color:
If Backorderable, Lead Time:
5 - 10 Days

Compatible with:

  • LG Google Nexus 5


  • This is a real glass screen protector. Not only that, but it's 9H (which means it's got a hardness rating of 9, which is super hard) Arching tempered glass. What does "Arching" mean? Well simply put, it's machined in such a way that all the edges and corners of the glass are rounded, tapered and smooth which helps prevent chipping around the edges. This way when you slide your finger across the edge of the glass, you don't feel a hard edge like other regular, non-Arching tempered glass. Being 9H glass with an oleophobic coating makes the surface smooth to the touch and makes it resistant to water and oils, so if you spill a few drops of liquid on the screen, don't worry, you can just wipe it off. More importantly, the oleophobic coating makes the glass resistant to scratches (even from things like keys , screwdrivers, knives, etc. yeah...we stabbed these things real good and they're totally fine! ) The HD Transparency ensures the screen protector is crisp and clear so your screen remains as bright and vibrant as it should be. Lastly these screen protectors uses silicone adhesive, so you don't have to worry much about pesky bubbles when applying the screen protector. Just make sure the screen you're applying the glass to is clean, and the silicon adhesive should take care of the rest. This makes for a quick and easy install with minimal effort.


  • Real 9H Glass - Super hard and durable
  • Rounded Edges/Cutouts - Prevents chipping and is nicer to touch edges
  • Oleophobic coat - Water/Oil resistance as well as increased scratch resistance
  • HD Transparency - Allows screen to remain bright and colorful
  • Silicon Adhesive - Self-Adhering which allows for near bubble-less installation