OEM Reclaimed HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE, G6 EE, G7 EE, 11A G6 EE LCD & Digitizer Assembly [1" Connector] [L22362-001]

Quality Assurance:
Tested / Inspected
OEM / Original
If Backorderable, Lead Time:
5 - 10 Days

Compatible with:

  • HP Chromebook 11 G5 Education Edition 1BS7xxxx, 1FX8xxxx, 1GR9xxxx, 1KA1xxxx, 1LP9xxxx, 1MY4xxxx, 1RR5xxxx, Z2Y9xxxx
  • HP Chromebook 11 G6 Education Edition 3GJxxxx, 3NUxxxx, 3PDxxxx, 3VKxxxx, 3MVxxxx, 3QNxxxx, 3TUxxxx, 3ZFxxxx, 3ZSxxxx, 4BCxxxx, 4BDxxxx, 4CFxxxx, 4DBxxxx, 4LSxxxx, 4QBxxxx, 4QQxxxx
  • HP Chromebook 11A G6 Education Edition 6HL32EA, 6HL33EA, 6HL34EA, 6KJ19UT, 6MR21EA, 6MR22EA, 6MR24EA, 6NV33PA, 6NV36PA, 6NV50PA, 6NV61PA, 6NV70LT, 6QG64PA, 6UD73PA, 6UP93PA, 7QG58PC, 7QS25PT, 6HL36EA, 6HL37EA, 6HL76EA, 6KJ20UT, 6KJ21UT, 6MP14EA, 6MP15EA, 6MR25EA, 6MR27EA, 6MR96EA, 6MS05EA, 6NV34PA, 6NV42PA, 6NV49LT, 6NV55PA, 6NV57PA, 6UD76PA, 6UP94PA, 6XA31PA, 7DC06EA, 7QK19EA, 7QS20PT
  • HP Chromebook 11 G7 Education Edition [Touch]

Please note:

  • This HP Chromebook G5/G6 Education Edition LCD & Digitizer Assembly uses a 40-pin connector on the LCD. Some G5 units come with the 40-pin, and some come with a 30-pin connector. Please make sure, before you purchase, the screen assembly you require is the correct assembly for your device. If you need the 30-pin connector, you can find it here.

Part number:

  • L22362-001