LCD Buyback

Price List

Model (functional LCD)


Apple iPhone 7 Plus $8 - $32
Apple iPhone 7 $14 - $28
Apple iPhone 6s Plus $9 - $18
Apple iPhone 6s $6 - $11
Apple iPhone 6 Plus $4 - $10
Apple iPhone 6 $3 - $6
Apple iPhone 5s / SE $1 - $2
Apple iPhone 5c $1
Apple iPhone 5 $1 - $2

Model (functional LED)


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge $45
Samsung Galaxy S7 $35
Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge $24
Samsung Galaxy S5 $18
Samsung Galaxy S4 $10
Samsung Galaxy S3 $6
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 $35
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 $26
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 $18

*Prices vary based on inspection and test results.

How it works

STEP 1: Order your shipping kit. Each kit contains a slotted box for your screens and a pre-paid return shipping label.

STEP 2: Pack your screens two per slot, face-to-face, to ensure safe travel. Affix the return shipping label to the box and return it.

STEP 3: Our technicians will inspect, test and grade each screen. After processing, you'll receive an email with a Purchase Order.

STEP 4: Get paid! Choose between PayPal, ACH, check, or store credit good for purchases at!

More than 100 screens? Call us at 1-512-537-7050
or e-mail for volume pricing

Start Your Order

To begin, start by selecting which kit you need; order more than one of each if needed.

Extra Small Kit: holds up to 5 screens

Small Kit: holds up to 48 screens

Medium Kit: holds up to 96 screens

Large Kit: holds up to 120 screens

We currently only offer our LCD Buyback Service to verified repair shops and other qualified customers in the United States and Outlying Areas.