Aftermarket Third-Party Manufactured LCD & Digitizer Assembly for Apple iPhone 4s - Black

Quality Assurance:
Tested / Inspected
Aftermarket / Third-Party
New / Like New
Identifying Color:
If Backordered, Lead Time:
8 - 14 Business Days

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone 4s

Please note:

  • We use this description for Apple Replacement Screens that are completely aftermarket manufactured and composed of very little to no OEM or Original Parts. As usual, you can expect them to be fully tested, but they will not be the same quality as other replacement screens we offer in this category, see our OEM assemblies vs. our Aftermarket assemblies. Why are we offering this alternative product? Simply put, there are many (and we mean many), different variations of "High Copies" of these screens from bottom of the barrel to fairly decent quality. Some suppliers detail the difference and many do not. Often they are simply referred to as an "iPhone 4s LCD and Digitizer" or "iPhone 4s Replacement Screen Assembly" and what you actually get when you order is "up in the air", so to speak. At GlobalDirectParts, we want you to be able to make an informed decision and have all the info up front. For this category, we picked units that will do the job, will be consistent in quality and supply, but, at the same time, will not have the durability or endurance of the better quality replacement parts we offer.